PC Tools Internet Security Online Protection You Need

PC Tools Internet Security is it the solution you have been searching for to combat all the threats you encounter online every day.

With all the new scams and malicious files surfacing daily on the internet you do need some form of protection while using the internet, especially if you have children or run a business through the internet.

PC Tools internet security is a great solution for those looking to protect their computer and family from viruses, cyber-crime, identity theft and the many adware and spyware infections that can easily be picked up from the internet.

pc tools internet security

PC Tools Internet Security All In One Protection

This application is very easy to use and uses the latest detection to find and eliminate malicious files. This is a very easy way to defend against identity theft through losing your important and confidential information from hackers and cyber criminals.

  • Complete Protection Against Viruses And Hackers
  • Blacks Malicious Websites That Are Trying To Obtain Your Personal Or Financial Details
  • Gives You The Heads Up About How Safe a Website Actually Is
  • Get Safety Ratings Listed In All Your Search Results
  • Blocks All Attempts By Hackers To Access Your Computer
  • Scans Any Files You Download Before They Actually Reach Your Computer
  • Has An Advanced Behavior Method To Detect Threats Fast
  • Stops Suspicious And Phishing Emails From Ever Getting To Your Inbox

PC Tools internet Security has multiple layers of protection making it ideal for protecting you and your family from many of the newest cyber attacks.

PC Tools Security Scan

free trial pctools internet security

The PC Tools Internet Security Suite has been designed so that no matter what you are doing online whether it is shopping, surfing, banking or socializing with friends online the advanced features of PC Tools Internet Security will keep you safe.

PC Tools Internet Security Has A Brand New Interface

The new design of PC Tools Internet Security not only makes it look good but there have been many modifications made under the hood.

  • PC Tools Internet Security Runs Silently In The Background
  • The New Advanced Multi-Layered Protection Has Been Awarded Top Ratings
  • Behavior Guard Checks Software To Accurately Block Malicious Activity
  • Improved Anti-Spam To Stop Phishing And Personal Details Theft
  • Real Time Protection Stopping Known Threats From Ever installing onto Your PC
  • Firewall Protection which Eliminates The Fear Of Someone Hacking Into Your Computer And Finding Your Personal And Financial Information
  • Memory Scanner That Will Remove Any Threats Hiding In Your Computers Memory

These are just some of the many new features that you will find in PC Tools Internet Security Suite that will help you to combat the many threats online.

internet security scan

If you are currently using the internet for any reason and believe you do not need to protect yourself and your business then you are mistaken, more and more people every day are having their identities stolen, computers hacked or being infected with malicious viruses, spyware or adware can you or your business afford to be a victim.

buy pctools internet security

With all the new scam appearing online you will be protected from ever falling victim to one of these scams such as “get rich quick” offers, fake antivirus “scareware,” and malicious sites created solely to exploit the latest movie trailers and worst still natural disasters, or other hot news topics that trick people into divulging confidential information about themselves.

PC Tools Internet Security can help you avoid these mistakes that many people make online.

5 replies
  1. Benjamin
    Benjamin says:

    I have used PC Tools for some years first stating with Registry Mechanic and then spyware Doctor. I still use Registry Mechanic to optimize my PC and Repair errors but I have moved away from Spyware Doctor to the Internet Security Suite as it has spyware scanning and anti-virus incorporated into one program. With the new interface on PC Tools Internet Security it is much easier to use and scans at least twice as fast as older versions, so I would have to give it the thumbs up for computer protection. I also like the fact that for one payment you can have up to three computers on the one license.

    • matryx
      matryx says:

      Hi Benjamin

      Yes you are right you no longer need separate applications with the introduction of the security suite and it makes it more cost effective that way. I would have to agree with you as well the new interface is much easier on the eyes and it does seem to be faster.

  2. Victor Vandermark
    Victor Vandermark says:

    PC Tools has been around for a lot of years now but I never used them as I had a bad experience early in the piece with their applications being very system intense and slowing down my computer to where it was unusable. I tried out the free trial of their internet security suite because I had heard some good things about them and it looks as thought they have fixed the issues with being memory intense. It scan faster and is a lot easier to use with their latest design.

    • matryx
      matryx says:

      Hi Victor
      The very first program I used from PC Tools was Registry Mechanic which was not to bad and it really helped improve my computer performance, however the older versions of Spyware Doctor were very memory intense so I to moved away from them until now with their latest releases.

  3. Mic
    Mic says:

    Great product have used PC Tools products for many years now and they work. I also like how you get a username and password so if you happen to loss your serial key you can just log in to support and it is right there no waiting for emails or having to submit an email support request.
    I am not sure if they still do it but i found it to be great value with being able to buy one license and run it on three computers.


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