Complete Protection From Computer Threats And Errors

computer threats and errorsAre you struggling to find the answers you need when trying to eliminate adware, spyware or computer errors from your home or business computer?

Do you know what kind of infection you actually have or whether it is a simple registry error that is causing you all your headaches.

Detecting Adware Spyware is a site that is for those looking for answers to fix computer problems regardless of whether you are infected with a virus, adware, spyware or some form of corrupt file or registry errors.

Our aim is to prevent you from having to spend to much money when trying to find a solution to these problems. All to often you will take your computer to a technician to have it repaired when you could have easily fixed the issue yourself and usually only with a few mouse clicks and a little time.

What Is Adware

This form of computer infection is usually caused by you downloading an application that is freeware or shareware which has the Adware hidden in its files.

What this then does is display advertisements in the hope that you will buy as a result of those advertisements being displayed. Adware is almost always installed on your computer because you gave the company you are downloading the application from permission to do so.

What Is Spyware

Spyware is much more damaging than adware and can have very annoying effects on you computer. If you are seeing that your computer has slowed and pop-ups are appearing that may be a spyware infection.

Another and more alarming trait of spyware is how it can be programmed to actually spy on your online activities which are then sent back to the creator of the spyware to use as they wish.

Malware And Its Dangers

This is the most dangerous of all the online infections.

Malware can do all of the above and even crash your computer, steal your identity and many other bad things.

Malware gets on your computer simply by you downloading what you may consider a completely legitimate application but in fact it has been designed to infiltrate your system to collect information or simply crash your computer.

Computer Errors And How To Fix Them

There are many reasons you can experience computer errors.

One of the most typical is your operating system where overtime and without the correct maintenance your computer files become corrupt or damaged resulting in a poorly performing computer.

Another reason can be you had an Adware or Spyware infection and once you removed the infection from your computers registry those files became corrupt.

Understanding Adware

Having reliable computer security software on your computer is vital if you wish to stay online with all of the malicious computer parasites.

How To Detect Spyware

The major Adware, Spyware and antivirus companies say that currently 90% of all online users have some trace of Adware or Spyware on there PC today.

Computer Viruses

We’re all being warned about widespread Worms, Trojans and the dreaded computer virus that can threaten network security and even steal your identity.

This is just some of the information you will find here at Detecting Adware Spyware, please use the resources we have provided to help better protect yourself online. We would also like to hear about your experiences when dealing with these computer threats or any other computer problems you have encountered.