PC Tools Security Software

PC Tools is a company that is dedicated to providing world leading software for the privacy and security of all internet users.

PC Tools And Your Online Protection

PC Tools Internet Security UtilitiesThe mission of the team at pctools.com is to encourage and offer through their software products a safe, secure and stable computing environment whether for business or personal use.

They do this through the development and delivery of world class software applications such as Spyware Doctor and Registry Mechanic that are backed up by exceptional customer service.

PC Tools is a privately held company with offices in Australia and the USA.

It delivers its software products to 196 countries around the world, Pctools was founded in 1998 as Winguide Network before being re-established as PC Tools.

PCtools is backed by a dedicated team of professionals that vary into many fields to compliment the dev elopement of their software and promotions.

Pctools.com has a research center devoted solely to identifying new and deadly malware threats so to pass this on in the form of definitions downloads for their software products. This enables the end user to maintain their privacy and security knowing they have the most up to date protection available.

Regardless of whether you are looking for products that can clean your registry, optimize your system, diagnose problems, repair glitches, or protect your private data, PC Tools has something for you. With all their security and utility software backed by a 30-day money back guarantee when purchased from the online store, you have nothing to lose and everything to protect.

The Most Popular PC Tools Products

pctools productsSpyware Doctor has been found to be the most effective at removing and protecting your computer from adware, spyware and most harmful files that are lurking on the internet.

Spyware Doctor has been downloaded over 50 Million times and this number is growing rapidly with a million or more downloads every week.


Registry Mechanic is the state of the art window registry cleaner that can safely clean and repair your windows registry.

If you are experiencing problems with your pc and you have effectively eliminated spyware from your system then maybe your have problems with your computers registry.


Privacy Guardian gives you peace of mind knowing that the files you have deleted stay deleted with secure file shredding so they can not be recovered by hackers.

Your Recycle Bin is where your deleted files are stored Privacy Guardian has a disk-bleaching tool which completely wipes your free hard disk space, preventing any of your deleted files from even being restored.

PC Tools is constantly developing and utilizing the latest technology to give you the best protection for your computer. And as new products become available from PC Tools we will list them here for your review and comments.

To fully enjoy the internet you need some form of internet security not only to protect your computer but your personal data from hackers and identity thieves, PC Tools is a good place to start.

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