Noadware The Absolute Truth Exposed

noadware exposed
noadware the truth exposed

The Guy that DESPISES Adware Removal Tools Tells You The Absolute Truth About Noadware…

Will he pull his internet connection forever… or does he take revenge on Noadware ?…

Fellow Computer User,

noadwareLets talk serious and get something dead straight before you go any further.

I hate adware removal tools. I probably hate them more than you do, and I always have.

Maybe you don’t believe me! But I do and if you give me a few seconds I will tell you why.

But first, let me tell you how I got here, and why I’m writing this…

It would have been about 8 weeks ago now, I was surfing the net and working on my web sites when I received an email from a friend raving about this adware removal tool “Noadware”, by

Now I would have usually deleted this email but my friend whose opinion I respect, and which is the only reason I clicked on the link in the first place.

So here I am…

“But why do I hate those adware removal tools like NoAdware with a fanatic’s passion…”

I will explain, I spend many hours online every day working on my web sites and reading emails and visiting other sites for research and development. In short I am a seasoned internet user and am very aware of the dangers of adware.

But, I have never been a big fan of adware removal tools – for me having an adware removal tool with 100,000 different adware signatures isn’t much of an advantage to the average internet user. What it does do is sound really great on the sales page and lots of newbie’s see it and think they are safe, so they rip out their credit cards and buy it.

Then, the same guys who brought the adware removal tool realize that having 100,000 adware signatures doesn’t mean anything if you can’t configure the software or you have to spend time each day adjusting the settings so you can actually use the internet… and then they move on to the next tool that they come across and the cycle repeats itself all over again..

Great for the software vendor who is making and selling the software – very crappy for the unfortunate newbie who just parted with his money..

So you could imagine my thoughts when I received my friend’s e-mail recommending Noadware. As I said, it was only because he is usually spot on with his information that I even clicked the link.

On reaching the Noadware web site, I was pretty impressed with the sales copy, and even more impressed with some of the features that Noadware appears to have – spyware, adware, dialer and web bug scan , Pc immunization and many more…

But again, I must be honest with you..,

At this point, I was still thinking to myself, “nice copy, lots of features, this could work… but yet again, it’s just another adware program… so forget it

And that was that; I left the site… a few days later my friend emailed me, letting me know that he had purchased Noadware to clean up his computer which he told me had removed more than 30 severe or dangerous threats to his computer. He also said to drop everything and stop complaining about adware and go get the software. Having touched on my curious side I did just that.

Just so you know, I only purchased because… well, the cost was minimal compared to an adware or spyware infection, even though my intention was to just file it away for another day – when my friend started up again – in fact he was pestering the hell out of me to get using Noadware once I had it!

So I decided to sit down for 15 minutes, and to give him a chance to show me what all the fuss was about. After the install which was very simple I started to play around with the software.

It took me less than five minutes to be fully configured and scanning my computer..

noadware start screen

In the end I double checked everything to make sure I was getting the full benefit of the software and really understand what works with Noadware and what doesn’t. Because believe me this program was showing some real potential.

Just so you don’t think I am exaggerating the scale of Noadware, here are some features of NoAdware.

Remember each feature has a specific role to play in protecting you:

  1. Adware, Spyware, Dialer, and Web Bug Scan
    Noadware will constantly update to identify the latest threats to your privacy. Noadware will scan your PC for all Spyware, Adware, Dialers and Web Bug traces.
  2. PC Immunization
    Prevent malicious components from ever adding themselves to your computer in the first place? With the click of a button.
  3. Browser and PC Shields
    You can configure various browser shields to further protect your computer when online, including a real time shield, that will prevent items we detect from ever running on your PC in the first place!
  4. Add a schedule

This is another useful feature that is built into the NoAdware application. With this you can schedule times when NoAdware will automatically scan your computer for possible adware/spyware infiltrations.

noadware schedule

As you can see, Noadware is the complete package, In fact, each of the above features is specially designed to give you full 24/7 protection.
noadware cofigure shields
By the time I had it installed and running, I needed to know one thing. So I quickly focused on comparing my adware removal tool that I originally had installed to what Noadware could do for me…

And by the way Noadware installed along side my first adware program no problems.

noadware description

Remember if your a newbie or your just not aware of adware or spyware you are running the risk of a major infection…

Scan Your Pc With NoAdware

Can you afford to have your computer compromised by some low life who is trying to steal your files, credit cards or whatever else they can touch with their evil intentions.

I have been online a lot longer than most people who are reading this page and even I was surprised by the results. I thought I was fully protected from this threat…

Without an application like NoAdware you can be spending money with computer technicians, you see if you have issues with your computer which are related to adware or spyware all a computer technician will do is scan your computer with software like this and charge you three to four times more than what NoAdware is for you to buy.

Maybe your still a bit skeptical I know I was, the results are in and can’t be denied so the decision is all yours, believe it or not.

There is one thing for certain with life on the internet and that is Adware and Spyware…

You can adopt the attitude that it won’t happen to me and become one of the many statistics now being reported in the USA and across the world or you can act and get protected. It’s not going to go away so you need to act today!

What is Spyware and Adware?

Spyware and Adware is software made by low life scum bag publishers that allow them to snoop on your browsing activity, from shopping habits to information, invade your privacy, and flood you with those horrible popups. If you are like most internet users, chances are you are probably already infected with these applications.

It is estimated that currently 23.7 million Americans have been the victims of identity theft over the last five years, have you been one of them. And to show you that this killer spyware threat is growing at an alarming rate 9.91 million of those identity thefts have happened in the last year.

Free Trial NoadwareP. S.. Still not convinced then spend a couple of minutes and download a trial version of the software here, you will be as surprised as I was guaranteed….