Webroot Desktop Firewall

Webroot Desktop Firewall is new from the makers of Spy Sweeper!

Webroot Desktop Firewall offers great two-way protection. It keeps your data safe while also keeping hackers out!

Webroot Desktop Firewall Had A Simple Interface..

Novice users will appreciate the easy setup of Webroot Desktop Firewall, while experts can fine tune it to their advanced needs using the sophisticated features and options.

webroot desktop firewall

Webroot Desktop Firewall acts as a data gatekeeper for your PC, and monitors which Internet traffic is allowed in and out. You determine which programs on your PC can access the Internet.

Setting The Desktop Firewall Permissions..

Through a simple set up process, instantly authorize programs you trust, such as your Internet and e-mail programs, to connect to the Internet, and block any suspicious programs that may take over your PC, like remote Trojans, worms or zombie programs.

webroot firewall

Turn the Stealth Mode option on to make your PC invisible to intruders searching for vulnerable computers across the Internet, decreasing your chances of an attack.

Complete Desktop Firewall Protection..

If you experience unexplained computer activity, use the Internet Block option to immediately stop all Internet traffic in and out of your PC. This “panic button” is a quick way to protect your data until you determine the cause of the activity.

webroot port scanning

Webroot Desktop Firewall lets you share your files and printers with other computers on your local area network without unnecessarily exposing your PC to online threats. You could even review the Webroot Desktop Firewall log to see if hackers had attempted to access your PC, or if unknown programs are trying to prompt outbound communications.

Desktop Firewall Is Now Incorporated Into SecureAnywhere

Webroot has been constantly evolving and the Webroot Desktop Firewall application is no longer available as a standalone product, however all the powerful features of all their award-winning products have been incorporated and improved in their latest range of products called SecureAnywhere™.
Webroot Secure Anywhere
Webroot AV-Test

If you have used Webroot Internet Security products such as their Pop Up Blocker, SpySweeper or Window Washer in the past you will know that Webroot are very effective at combating and eliminating many online threats and keeping your computer clean and now you can even get complete protection not just for your computers but your Smart Phones, Tablets and Androids.

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